It is with this sweet phrase that Pasquale Chiorri begins writing all his love letters to his girlfriend at the time. This unique and exclusive wine arises from this story and from love, that serves as basis. The sun that wilts the most beautiful grapes selected in the vineyard, the skilful processing after a long drying phase and the tradition of manual wine press are all synonyms of a sweet nectar that creates life: True Love.

Sangiovese Passito Umbria, Typical geographic indication

Bottles: Limited Edition

Alcohol: 14,50 % Vol.

Grape Varietals: Sangiovese Brunello

Vinification : 24 months ageing in barrique

Passito Wine.
Bright garnet red coloured.
Highly aromatic and fine.
Floral and fruity with notes of red fruit jam, nuts and
wilted flowers.
Slightly spicy with hints of chocolate.
Sweet, soft, warm, gently tannic and rich.
Well-rounded. Very persistent and balanced.

Food Pairings :
Aged and herb cheeses.
Dark chocolate
Dry cakes and biscuits.


Umbrian Red Wine, Typical geographic indication

Grape Varietals : Merlot

Alcohol: 13,00 % Vol.

Bottles: about 5,000

Sales period: from October to February

Red purple coloured with violet reflections.
Young wine, bottled a few weeks after the harvest.
Highly fruity and floreal, with notes of red fruits.
Slightly sweet, soft and fresh.

Food pairings:
grilled pork, cold cuts, roasted chestnuts.


Grape Marc Distillate

Grape Varietals: Grape marcs of different varietals – Alcohol 45,00%

Bottles: 1000

Vinifications: barrique ageing

Aged Grappa obtained with the distillation of pure selected grape marcs.
Golden and intense yellow coloured. Soft, balanced and persistent.
Ideal end-of-meal drink.


SQNPI CERTIFICATION (National quality system
of integrated production)

Harvest 2020

Alchol: 11,00 % Vol.

Grape varietals: Grechetto 100%

Bottles: 3.000

Not filtered Brut Nature sparkling wine, obtained from Grechetto grape varietals in
Its vinification process (called Ancestral Method) begins with the fermentation in
stainless steel tanks and continues and finishes off with a natural bottle ageing, with
no additives.
The presence of yeasts in the wine in the bottle allows for continuous evolution over
time and in the glass, making this wine a living element.
The only basic rule for serving a good ancestral method wine is to enjoy it chilled.

Extremely fine foam and perlage, floral aromas, citrus and yellow fruit in evidence,
with slight hints of bread crust. Very lively freshness.
Any sediment is a characteristic proper of the vinification process.

Our ancestral is a joyful wine, perfect for a special toast to pair with delicatessen,
fried food, sushi, fish tartar.

1890 – Bianco

Umbria , Typical geographic indication, Bianco

Grape Varietals : Grechetto

Alcohol: 12,50 % Vol.

Vinification: concrete ageing

Bottles: about 5.000 (500ml format)

Golden yellow coloured with warm tones of honey.
Its concrete ageing enhances the brightness of the colour, the elengance
of its structure and the mineral freshness.
Highly aromatic with hints of apple and tropical fruits, combined with a
mouth-filling mineral taste.
Persistent, fine and harmonic to the palate.

Food pairings:
Ideal for any occasion, from Street food events, to gourmet food. Perfect
to better appreciate Umbrian typical delicatessen.

1890 – Rosso

Umbria , Typical geographic indication, Rosso

Grape Varietals: Merlot, Sagrantino

Alcohol: 13,00 % vol.

Bottles: about 5.000 (500ml format)

Bright ruby red coloured with warm tones of «Rosa Baccarat»
Fruity and persistent, with a mouth-filling clean freshness.
Nicely structured, velvety, warm and round. Roundly and persistently
Merged in perfect harmony with the soft and round notes of Merlot.

Food pairings:
Very versatile wine, to serve with all type of food. Ideal to enjoy your
relaxing moments