Experiences in the vineyard and cellar

There’s more beyond the wine: there are stories, people, places and emotions that we share with those who visit us.
This is why we have come up with a series of experiences that allow everyone to enter our world, in direct contact with our products, the nature that surrounds us and our traditions.

The perspective changes: together we no longer see only the goblet, but also all its reflections.

Cooking class: cook, combine and taste!

For those who want a hands-on experience, for food lovers or simply for those looking for something different to challenge themselves, we offer our cooking classes: a perfect way to get to know and learn new things, while having fun.
Immerse yourself in the food and wine culture of our region, trying your hand at preparing typical dishes with local aromas, flavours and products.

And, of course, at the end of the experience we will see together how to match them perfectly with the right wine and… we will taste everything together!

Life in the cellar: 'content peasants'

How many things can you do surrounded by vines and vineyards? Not just drinking good wine, but also getting to know everything that lies behind that wine, that fascinating journey from grape to goblet.
Experience half a day in the cellar, like a real country boy or girl, experiencing some of the activities that mark our daily lives first-hand: harvesting, sampling, pruning and all the other stages of processing, depending on the time of year.

Children and schools: experience to grow

We care about the little ones and like to involve them so that they can directly experience the wonders that nature gives us, its fruits and precious treasures.
We organise workshops, laboratories and days dedicated to specific activities, such as the grape harvest, to learn about the cycle of turning grapes into wine, also in collaboration with local schools.

We look forward to celebrating together!

Write or call us for more information: we will be happy to answer any questions.

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