Winemakers in Umbria since 1890

Perched on a hill, an impressive viewpoint, Chiorri is located in the area of the Hills of Perugia, along the ‘Strada dei vini del Cantico’ wine and food route.

For five generations, family management has preserved the traditions and authenticity of yesteryear while maintaining a high standard of quality.

The manual harvesting in small baskets, combined with the instant processing of the grapes, evokes the flavours and aromas of the Umbrian countryside.

The same great love for the land for five generations

It all started with Pasquale Chiorri who, at the end of the 19th century, laid the foundations of what turned out to be a long story that we still tell today.

We started out with the farm, actively contributing to the growth of the small village of Sant’Enea, so much so that at the end of the First World War we received the heraldic coat of arms in recognition of our commitment and support to the economy of the then Kingdom of Italy.

The heraldry, an integral part of our history and our logo, features a tree, evoking agriculture, a rampant lion, symbol of the city of Perugia together with the Griffon and both emblems of strength, and three stars, recalling the three generations of the family that had succeeded one another until then.

It was then in the 1970s that sisters Franca and Maria Concetta Chiorri, together with their respective husbands, carry the business forward.

We celebrated 130 years in 2020 and we would have loved to celebrate the event, but it was not possible to do so as we would have liked because of the pandemic.

However, we did not give up, we gave life to two bottles to celebrate this milestone: the 1890 BIANCO IGT Umbria, a pure Grechetto, and the 1890 ROSSO IGT Umbria, with Merlot and Sagrantino.

Today their daughter Monica and her husband Francesco continue along the path traced by their predecessors, bringing new ideas and new projects but always with the same passion.

We protect and preserve what we have inherited, valuing our past and the craftsmanship of yesteryear but enriching it with the most modern techniques and innovations, so as to pass it on to future generations: a thank you for what we have received and a duty to those who will come after us.

We never cease to fall in love with the horizon that opens up to our view every day: the hills around us, the sun-kissed vineyards below and the villages in the distance.

Come and meet us up close: we look forward to introducing ourselves.

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