Over time, the winery has created a very strong bond with the territory and it is this synergy that characterises the quality of our work and the strong identity of our wines.
Environmental protection and the preservation of biodiversity are a priority for us.

Sqnpi: national quality system integrated production

With the 2020 harvest, after a long process of planning and work both in the vineyard and in the cellar, we finally received the integrated production certification (SQNPI): National Quality System of Integrated Production).

The first in Umbria to be awarded the SQNPI quality mark, we firmly espouse the concept of sustainable agriculture.

The care and attention we pay to our land allows us to offer all our customers controlled wines from grapes grown according to agronomic techniques that are always respectful of the environment and health, excluding products that are hazardous to health and limiting the use of plant protection products.

Our SQNPI-certified wines are the result of careful checks and controls carried out throughout the production cycle in order to scrupulously ascertain that each batch comes from an SQNPI-certified supply chain, thus ensuring the perfect traceability of each bottle.
The certifying body in charge of ensuring that the protocol issued annually by the Region of Umbria is complied with is 3A Parco Tecnologico Agroalimentare dell’Umbria , which, after due verification, issues the certification.

Chiorri Winery: sustainable at each step

We want to be sustainable in every step of our production: from the vineyard to the arrival of each bottle on the table, we safeguard all the beauty of our host territory.

Chiorri Winery: sustainable at each step

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