Chiorri cellar in umbria: our wines

A passion handed down from generation to generation that is still reflected today in the care and attention we pay to our vineyards, every day, from the first light of dawn until dusk.
This is how we have been producing our wines for over 130 years : with love for the land and its fruits, respecting the past and always looking towards the future.

Our production:
Between tradition and innovation

Our wines retain an artisanal charm that is combined with state-of-the-art technology, for an end result that preserves the unique and genuine flavour of good old-fashioned things.
A production process that takes place entirely in the heart of Umbria: from the vineyards to the cellar, directly from the producer to the consumer to guarantee the highest quality of our products.


The line that best tells our story, our way of living among the rows of vines and being winemakers in Umbria: Etesia, Titus, Belmorino, Sangiovese and Saliato.

Antonio chiorri selection

Our line of excellence dedicated to Antonio Chiorri, the man who started the winery: DOC wines, chosen from the best wines of the best years.


Sparkling wine, new wine, passito and grappa: our collection of the most special wines, created on special occasions or linked to our history.

Wind rose

The rose of the winds comes to life with our Zeffiro, Garbino and Ventorosa: a line inspired by the land that hosts us, traversed all year round by winds and breezes.


Our wines in their Magnum version, the one-and-a-half-litre and three-litre bottles: grand in form, grand in the emotions they convey.

Bag in box

The quality of our wines in a smarter format!
The perfect solution both for everyday consumption and for special occasions, such as parties and events, where quantities are consumed in a very short time: they maintain the freshness of the wine, reducing clutter and costs.

Come and visit us in the cellar: we are waiting for you!

If you would like to know more, drop by our shop: we will be happy to tell you about each of our wines, and our staff will follow and advise you.

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