Our vineyards in umbria

Thanks to the excellent exposure to the sun enjoyed by our vines and the qualitative characteristics of the soil, Chiorri wines all have the Colli Perugini Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC) and the Typical Geographical Indication (IGP) of Umbria.

The vineyard and vines

Twenty-five hectares of vineyards, gathered around the winery: our vines are situated on hilly terrain with an east-west exposure that guarantees them sunshine from dawn to dusk.

The grape varieties cultivated for white wines include native and non-traditional varieties of the area such as Grechetto, Malvasia and Pinot Grigio, while for the reds we have Sangiovese, Sagrantino, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, to best portray the nuances of the wine typical of these areas and to enhance their uniqueness.

From the vineyard to the bottle.

for you to enjoy an excellent glass of wine while discovering our land.

We protect the past with a constant look towards the future

Underlying our company culture is a deep sense of family where knowledge, handed down from generation to generation, is interwoven with the Umbrian wine-growing tradition, weaving the threads of our history.
A perfect and indissoluble combination of tradition, territoriality and modern technology: we cherish what we have been given and, precisely for this reason, we successfully promote sustainability projects in vineyard care and the production of wines with a low environmental impact.

One of the most prestigious, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment , featured our Saliato wine, named after the plot of land where our winery is located, through the calculation of the carbon footprintthat each of us, with our habits, contributes to leaving on the planet in terms of carbon dioxide emissions.

With the carbon footprint we thus know how much greenhouse gas emissions we generate with our products, from processing in the vineyard to delivery, with a view to improving energy efficiency and an increasingly conscious use of resources, actively participating in the change necessary to protect the environment.

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